The museum is closek until appeal.
The museum is dedicated to all former, present and future producers of Czech motorcycles in memory of the "Golden age" of the Czech motorcycle production and sport. It was the era when the development of two-wheel engines on Earth was led by skilled and handy Czech people. Looking at the beautiful and perfect Czech machines fills me not only with pride, but also with sorrow. Where has the great production and intellectual lead the Czechs had in comparison with the rest of the world in the forties and the fifties not only in the motorcycle industry gone?

Let the museum therefore be a memento of one era of the developement of the Czech state when it was not accepted to be the best, when being just average was a philosophy of the state, which took many generations away the will and the chance to pull things ahead. The motorcycle industry is a typical result of this time.

Let´s never be average and let´s set ourselves only the highest targets. Only then we can be proud of ourselves, our nation and one day be given the opportunity to enter the prosperous multinational Europe.

Let me also dedicate this museum to my beloved Netvořivce. I hope this will be even more reason to come here and start undertaking and living here.

Yours Jirka Stibůrek